Make 2019 The Year of Your Healthy Brain

Make 2019 The Year of Your Healthy Brain

Before 2018 is firmly in the rearview mirror, most people will participate in the honored tradition of making their New Year’s resolutions. There are many resolutions that may be spoken but not kept. However, there is one that is well worth the effort: improving your brain health. Here’s how to do it this year:

Make changes to boost your brain power:

1) Get more sleep

Sleep is an amazing tool that is too frequently neglected. If you can add more sleep into your daily routine you will find a marked improvement in your overall ability to concentrate, make decisions, and manage stress.

2) Speaking of reducing stress…

A simple way to eliminate stress is to start by recognizing and addressing it. It’s easy to say “work, kids, and life stress me out,” but if you take a second to identify and deal with these stressors one at a time, you’ll find that they’re easier to manage. Additionally, you can practice deep breathing.

3) Exercise – It’s not as bad as you think

Exercise is key to overall health, but the amount of exercise needed to give you mental clarity is fairly small. Exercising to boost your brain can be as simple as walking for a few minutes or taking the stairs. Try setting a timer for ten minutes while working on an intense work project. If you take time to stand and stretch during those ten minutes, you may find that your mental clarity improves when you resume your work.

Eat foods to boost your brain power:

While there is no food to make your brain function like a well-oiled machine all day, there are some that have benefits such as added energy. This increase in energy can be the kick your brain needs to stay on task and work harder and smarter.